Life Coaching : The mental difficulties experienced by individuals during some periods closely affect their daily and social lives. Psychological problems starting from a child to adolescence negatively affect the person in the advancing time periods. Mental problems, especially that lead to a decrease in emotions such as success and trust, are confronted as problems in every period of the person. In addition, if not taken measures, it has poor consequences such as substance dependent. Failure for any reason in work and social life causes the person to suffer from mental distress. In addition, excessive stress and demoralization can cause this condition. Appropriate treatment methods are applied to avoid mental distress and a permanent solution is being provided.

Mental distress is seen in different stages, but serious harms to one’s thinking and decision-making mechanism.  Expert Psychologist Müge Serez is conducting a study covering the international field. Although he studied psychology, he has written how to solve mental problems and methods that need to be followed to solve the problem. He attended several conferences in the United States. In addition, new projects are developed on success and deep thinking theory, making different studies aimed at maintaining the community structure