Chakra: It is an energy center and node point in the human body.


7 basic chakras are sorted up, starting at the lower end of the spinal cord. Each chakra has a specific color and special functions. Each one reflects one aspect of the consciousness.

Breathing exercises: Exercises to open the problem chakra area. Keeping the whole body on the same frequency is the best result.

Balancing; We’ll feel more comfortable breathing deeply and rubbing our palms together. If we put one of our hands on one chakra and the other on the other chakra, there will be a flow of energy from the hard-working chakra to the chakra that works less. Even the most unstable chakras find their balance in up to five minutes.

Bonding: The fears, pains, criticisms, resentments, angers, negative experiences, and the invisible cosmic connection between us and those people in our relationships with other people. You need professional support to get rid of this connection completely.

Color meditation: See and feel that all angels scan your aura and remove spiritual breakdowns, some angels have crystalline lights reflecting healing colors on your body, make sure which colors shine on you

Subconscious healing; Professional support is required to erase all past incursions, heal our future and guide your future.

Self-transformation; The center of our selves is our heart, transformation takes place at the heart dimension. Our organ that perceives the outside world is the heart. The brain responds to stimulus in the outside world as a result of signals from the heart. The heart has its own neurone webs, just like the brain. The heart has its own memory. The heart produces hormones. These hormones play an active role in solving emotional memory, perception of feelings, environmental perception problem solving. The fact that our client is liberated in the analytical mind dimension and focuses on intuitive self is the beginning of transformation therapy.

NLP and EFT techniques, journey from Ego to essence; ( Emotional Freedom techniques ) EFT is an energy psychology technique, in other words, emotional liberation technique. NLP is a system used to raise awareness of our mind and make negative things positive.