What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is a psychological support that will be taken over the internet to solve the mental problems experienced by the person. It is also known as e-therapy.

Who is Online Therapy suitable for?

Online therapy is suitable for those who can’t physically go to psychologists for different reasons, such as people who are afraid to meet face-to-face in cases that create a crisis, in the event of emotional explosions, solving problems in the relationship. As there is limited time in online therapy, this may be the choice because it will be a more financially viable choice.

Who is Online Therapy not suitable for?

Online therapy is not appropriate in cases where there are substance addicts and psychotic symptoms that are those who have the idea that it can harm itself or someone else.

Is Online Therapy effective?

There are dozens of information about this method, which has been used for approximately 10 years in the world. Therefore, research shows that online therapy has proven to have a high impact, although not as much as a one-on-one interview. We also know that new research is underway in this area.