One of the common problems in individuals is due to the irregular operation of anger-controlled, neural algorithms. This problem, which depends on many causes such as the stress of everyday life and the intensive business marathon, also closely affects its personal development. Each individual has experienced a number of traumas in the processes he has experienced since his birth. These traumas, especially during adolescence, damage the person’s nervous system. As a result, severe cases such as anger defeat, rapid anger and intolerance occur. In addition, children who grow up under psychological health are also encountered with anger control disorder. It is also very important for anger control to stay away from all events that make you angry and to further strengthen bilateral communications. Many people face different problems in social and family life due to this discomfort. Extreme nerve, which is one of the causes of unhappiness and unrest, also causes severe harm to the person.



Individuals who are angry and aggressive are generally excluded from society. Substance addicts such as cigarettes and alcohol are quite unsuccessful in the anger control phase. One of the reasons you can’t make rational decisions in the face of an event or a problem is extremely nervous. Müge Serez, an expert psychologist in the field, has done different studies on the issue of anger control to date and has successfully treated many of his patients. Ms. Müge has received various trainings on the department of psychology in the United States. It is also known as the owner of the successful projects that stand out in our country. You can contact Expert Psychologist Müge Serez to solve the psychological problems you have experienced and find out what you can do at the point of anger control or the root cause of the disease.