He was born in Istanbul in 1979. He completed primary and secondary education in Istanbul Eczabaşı schools and Private Işık College. After taking four years of undergraduate study in the state of California in the United States, has made psychology masters at the same university, after returning to Turkey, 5 years have received training in personal development center, also it has the authority to issue certificates after completing the training of relevant institutions from the UK and Germany ..

He has taught elementary school students in Turkish and Psychology at various Turkish NGOs in the Los Angeles area.

In several schools / Billy Mitehell primary school, FDR primary school, Will Rogers Schools within the Lawndale United Educational Institutions in Lawndale District, California state, provided psychological counseling and play therapy to children and adolescents aged 4-14.

He was awarded the Most Successful Psychologist of the Year Award at the 2020 Diamonds Of Turkey Best of the Year award ceremony.

Training and Seminars

Reiki, 3A master, Reiki 3B master trainer
Reiki 1-2-3 chakras and breathing exercises
Relations of chakras with organs
Healing the past
Emotional purification
The effects of emotions on the physical body
Enlightenment and unity and meditation training with the light of the universe
Color meditation
Subconscious healing
Prena healing practitioner training
Self transformation
NLP and EFT Techniques, journey from Ego to self
Matrix 1-2-3 practitioner master and trainer training
He has been trained in these areas and has Certifications. He also has a seminar and certification authority.


Family Therapist
Addiction Problems
Stress Management
Spiritual Troubles
Behavioral disorder
Anger management
Life Coaching
Pregnancy Period (Sexual reluctance, deception, relationship problems, Divorce)
Spouse Selection, pre-marriage education