Many newly married women encounter different problems during pregnancy. The main cause of the ailments is the deterioration of the bodily balance and the psychological pressure of the person. In particular, the extreme emotionality of the first weeks of pregnancy also closely affects social life. Pregnancy is also considered an exciting process for women who will become mothers for the first time. Changes in hormones during the period in question also lead to physical and psychological problems. Therefore, mother islands may have problems solving problems during pregnancy. Expert Psychologist Müge Serez in the field of gynecology and psychology, what expectant mothers should do in a professional way with their patients.


With the onset of pregnancy, every day of pregnancy is very important for both the baby and the mother. This process also has an emotionally intense tempo and raises some problems. Especially the father candidate is also affected by these problems.  According to expert psychologist Müge Serez, both mother and father are required to receive psychological support in the period in question. It is also important for the baby to be born healthy and keep the feelings of the expectant mother under control. Problems such as morning sickness, vomiting, saliva release, urinary incontinence, back and back pain, stomach burns are frequentduring pregnancy. In addition, physical changes and mental problems negatively affect expectant mothers. For example, you can contact Expert Psychologist Müge Serez, who has been trained in United Giants to deal with unwanted emotional problems such as sexual reluctance, premature ejaculation, depression, panic attacks, anger and nerve, and leave back a pleasant pregnancy process.