Coaching Training Certificate Program. Life Coaching, Education Coaching

You can be a Personal Development Specialist, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Student Coach, Education coach with the Certificate Guaranteed Training Program you will receive.

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Certificate and Training Certificates

  • Reiki, 3A master, Reiki 3D master trainer
  • Reiki 1-2-3 chakras and breathing exercises
  • Chakras’ relationship with organs
  • Balancing Training
  • Healing of the past Education
  • Emotional Purification Training
  • Training the effects of emotions on the physics body
  • Enlightenment and the light of the universe and the training of being one and meditating
  • Color meditation Training
  • Subconscious healing Training
  • Bond cutting Training
  • Prena healing practitioner training
  • Self-transformation Training
  • NLP and EFT Techniques, Training
  • Matrix 1-2-3 expert and instructor training
  • Life Coaching Training
  • Education Coaching Training
  • Relationship Coaching Training
  • Personal Development Expertise Training
  • Double Therapist Training