Behavioral disorder, which appears in many people, especially children, is defined as a general problem of society. This disorder, which lies on psychological problems at its bottom, negatively affects one’s social and family life. In addition, the disorder of behavior disorder, which occurs in the developmental age and causes major problems if no solution is taken, also poses serious obstacles in the point of communication. Behavioral disorder caused by reasons such as exclusion, closure and physical development in society also results in a very negative result in anger control.



The behavioral disorder, contrast and opposition in children who took on a stubborn identity before the age of 12 are examined in two stages. Such children are faced with reactions such as school escapades, late home coming home and not listening. Especially with the introduction of adolescence, the child’s introduction to adolescence causes a later behavioral disorder disorder, theft from the store and large cases such as fraud. Aggressions, bullying and physical fights, known as the biggest stage of the disease, are one of the stages that many families fear, and bring serious problems.

A child’s negative behavior during adolescence is not a sign of behavioral disorder. However, in later life, excessive nerves and anger are one of the biggest symptoms of the disease. According to expert psychologist Müge Serez, children with behavioral disorders should be taken to a psychologist or therapist who specializes in the field. In addition, the discomfort that continues until the education life can bring with it untreatable problems in later life. Expert Psychologist Müge Serez, who has gained professionalism in the field, has done detailed research on the subject in the United States. In this way, it has saved many patients from the problems they have experienced with appropriate treatment methods.