Substance abuse, which is one of the biggest problems of social life, causes individuals of different ages to suffer psychological discomfort. Addiction problems that cause serious harm to work and family life are solved in different ways by specialist therapists. The problems caused by a person’s inability to control themselves are growing in the future.

Addiction problems cause a person’s life of neural problems, as well as permanent damage to the subconscious. In addition, the formation of a sense of insecurity is accelerated and individual achievements are prevented. According to Museum Serez, an expert psychologist, addiction problems are solved by regular therapies. Expert Psychologist Müge Serez, who is very successful in bilateral communications, solves all problems at the root and develops new methods on how to get rid of the substance that the person depends on. Planning social life more regularly is very important for the treatment of the disease. Expert Psychologist Müge Serez, who is educated in the United States and participated in conferences in various countries, also does special studies for individuals with substance abuse disorders. In addition, in individuals who are addicted to technology, which is experienced in increasing phone and computer use today, can contact Müge Hanım, a specialist psychologist.


For various reasons, individuals who are dependent on any substance subconsciously place a sense of psychological commitment in general. Therefore, it binds all the emotions he has experienced to the effect of the substance in question. However, in the later periods, he cannot get rid of the substance in question and falls into a deep void. Individuals with such addiction problems attribute the problem to many reasons. According to expert psychologist Müge Serez, there are different methods of defeating the problem of addiction. It is especially important to get rid of psychological pressure for solving the disease. You can contact Expert Psychologist Müge Serez for detailed information on the subject and find an appropriate treatment method.